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With a wealth of knowledge spanning well over two decades, I have the experience and skillset to provide adequate instructions for training, self defense, and general fitness.  Having a background in wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and jiu jitsu, I incorporate bits and pieces of each fighting style into my training routine.  As an active mixed martial artist, I apply the same intensity to every session that I do in prepping for competitions. 

I graduated from Arsenal Tech High School where I started varsity quarterback all four years.  I was also a captain of the football team as well as the wrestling team and I ran track and played basketball.  After high school I attended Purdue University studying Technology Leadership & Innovation. During my time in college I picked up boxing with a personal coach to help fill the void of no longer competing in organized sports.  I continued my training for years on my own adding parts of every sport I’ve ever played into my workout routine.  I then picked up kickboxing and jiu jitsu when I moved back home to Indianapolis and I’m actively competing in both arenas today.

What I bring to the table is the wealth of knowledge from experience in these various combative sports I’ve participated in practically my entire life.  Being that I am still competing myself, I am also still learning as well.  I tend to enjoy training alongside my clients so you know I’ll never ask anything of you I don’t demand of myself.  I want to help people have the body of their dreams while simultaneously training their minds to be the beast that creates it. I will never profess to have all the answers, but I will always promise that we will get there together. 
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