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I began my academic journey at Northwest High School, yet I was unsure of my identity until my sophomore year when I transferred to Franklin Township. During my time at Franklin Township, I joined the junior varsity football team in an effort to explore my passions. However, my lack of direction led me to forego numerous opportunities offered by the school.

I attended Arsenal Tech High School, where I struggled to find my footing. My search for direction led me to obtain my high school diploma from Jobcorps in Edinburgh, Indiana. In 2008, I enrolled in Ivy Tech Community College, but my lack of focus resulted in me dropping out and engaging in negative behaviors.

In 2014, I joined the International Painters Union, where I completed a rigorous four-year apprenticeship. I proudly graduated from the apprenticeship program and returned to Ivy Tech, completing my studies in 2019.

My newfound love for yoga began in 2020 when I attended a hot yoga class with a friend. Initially, my passion for yoga was self-motivated, but through diligent training and research, I obtained my certification as a yoga instructor. The benefits of stretching, breathwork, and meditation helped me cultivate patience, calmness, and compassion.

Since graduating from my yoga teacher training eight months ago, I have made considerable strides in helping individuals on the mental health spectrum. It is an honor to work alongside you all and contribute to this meaningful space.

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