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Hey fit fam! My name is Lauren Bailey and I am
a NASM CT at MourFit. My love for fitness
began at an early age playing youth sports.
Coming from an athletic family, fitness is in my
genes. After graduating high school and
wanting to keep up with my fitness, I began
working out on my own at the campus Rec
Center in college (chirp chirp) followed by
training with personal trainers post graduation.
I've even trained with Courtney, twice! As time
passed, I realized being physically fit is only 1/3
the equation. True wellness incorporates mind,
body and spirit. I believe fitness is the starting
point to living a balanced life and want to
share that with others!

It is my goal to assist my clients in the daily
struggles of life through fitness. Being
someone who has trained all my life, I have
fallen off my eating, and suffered injuries
which have caused setbacks throughout my
journey. These setbacks are the primary
reason why I decided to purse additional
certifications and specialize in Injury
Prevention, Corrective Exercise and Nutrition. I
want my clients to know they are not alone in
facing daily setbacks in their wellness pursuit.
Together, we will overcome while molding our
bodies, minds and our spirits one rep at a time!
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